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A Brief Introduction of Southwest University Program for Top-Talent Cultivation and and Related Issues of Hanhong College
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A Brief Introduction

of Southwest University Program for Top-Talent Cultivation and and Related Issues of Hanhong College


Southwest University Program for Top-Talent Cultivation, as an effective undertaking for further reform in undergraduate teaching, is upheld by Southwest University to implement and realize the policy of The Principle for Mid-or-Long-Term Reform and Development of China’s Education, to explore new approaches to cultivation of top-talent students, to trigger the reform of undergraduate-cultivating mode of Southwest University, and to promote the quality of talent education. Hanhong College, thereby, has been founded as a locomotive institute to organize and undertake the program for cultivation of top talents.

Hanhong College, which is named in accordance with the academic motto of Southwest University, that is, To Succeed Humbly, and to Create Nobly, is a special college, which, with multiplicity/individuality-oriented cultivation as its educational guideline, and with pursuit for education of top talents with comprehensive knowledge, academic capacity, outstanding personality and acute creativity as its cultivating doctrine, upholds a comprehensive, individual and open mode of talent cultivation, for the purpose of cultivating top talents well-developed in mentality and physicality, and excellent in creativity, who are supposed to be leading figures academically, commercially or politically with global vision as well as patriarch conception.

The post of dean of Hanhong College is taken by one of the leaders of Southwest University, and its deans by dean and vice deans of Office of Academic Affairs, Southwest University. And what is more, various academic experts have been selected and invited to form Supervision Group of Hanhong College. A special office for the academic affairs of Hanhong College is set up attached to the Office of Academic Affairs of SWU, and a full-time office director and a secretary are appointed to be responsible for overall administration of the students and the teaching affairs. Each year, two classes, a general liberal-art one (about 30 in number) called Wu Mi Class and a science one (about 40 in number) called Yuan Longping Class, are set up by means of independent enrollment of Hanhong College, secondary selection throughout Southwest University and direct enrollment after entrance examination for admission to go to college in China.

A thoroughly new talent-cultivating mode has been adopted in Hanhong College. The students in lower grades, who are not confined in various majors in the first two academic years, are taught with enforcement of their comprehensive, fundamental knowledge and with emphasis upon combined cultivation of scientific spirit and humanitarian qualification. In Hanhong College, special cultivating program is exclusively drawn and courses are individually chosen for each student, and excellent teachers are selected from or beyond Southwest University to gave special lessons for each student, and to direct or supervise him/her in independent and innovative studies. The tutorial system and the credit system are adopted throughout the academic years, and the academic supervisors are openly selected and invited from among the Yangtze-River scholars, distinguished youths and discipline leaders for one-to-one direction and supervision throughout all the academic years. Meanwhile, strict academic criteria have been made in Hanhong College for annual examinations, in accordance with which the students are required that, during their undergraduate years, they should study or practice abroad for a certain period, that they should pass Band Six of English Test before the end of the first academic year, that they, before the end of the third academic year, should attain IELTS or TOFEL standard regulated in Hanhong College, that the students should be recommended to famous universities at home or abroad as candidates for master or doctor degrees, and that they should quit from Hanhong College spontaneously for their failure in any course examination, annual check-up, or violation of laws or regulations.

First-class learning conditions have been developed in Hanhong College in that all the classrooms have been reconstructed into research-oriented ones with electronic whiteboard, computer-aided teaching platform, wireless network, books and round desks furnished in them. A boarding system will also be gradually adopted in Hanhong college, the present environment of Hanhong College will be restructured, and the community environment will be provided for studying, entertaining, academic-salon discussing, lecturing, as well as physical training.

Measures have also been taken to stimulate and ensure the students of Hanhong College to learn or study for better, that The Hanhong College Student Grant has been set with which to support the excellent students who are from poverty-stricken areas; that Hanhong College Scholarship has been set to reward the excellent students, who cover two-thirds of the total number in the classes; that Overseas Learning and Exchanging Program has been undertaken to support two-thirds of the students in each grade for their learning or exchanging abroad at public expense or private expense; and new channels have also been opened toward early-stage training of scientific research, application for innovation-fund projects, entrance to Key State laboratory, cross-disciplinary learning, secondary selection of majors, as well as internship or practice, etc..

The Website of Hanhong College is: http://hanhong.swu.edu.cn


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